Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Photography on Monday

Hello Media Arts students!
Remember that on Monday we start our photography unit. Please bring the following items to class- DON'T FORGET!
Gracias, Miss G.

A digital camera (in black and white mode, flash off)
An object to take photos of (medium size)
A camera cable to hook up to the computer to save and edit photos
Warm clothing to go outside.
Extra batteries

Monday, November 2, 2009

ASM3O/Grade 11 Media Arts Culture Jammers

Our grade 12 students were asked to choose a company of their choice and show a critique of that company's policies, work practices, morals, etc. These critiques are often referred to as "Culture Jammers" as found in magazines such as AdBusters. Coming up with and completing this assignment was harder than it looked! However, the students have started to develop the necessary critical thinking skills needed for college and university.